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Additionally, we carry a number of magazines for your classic Smith & Wesson firearms like the 5900 and 4500 series. Take a look at our selection of Smith & Wesson magazines today and stock up on some spare S&W mags for your firearms so you can shoot more and reload less. S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ. Carry Quandary — Quashed! Written By Roy Huntington. That's essentially unheard of in the world of the .380 and I'm thinking it has to do with the longer slide and "bigger" format. Feeding any auto is all about timing, and being able to run a long slide likely means a...

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Mar 06, 2018 · Specifications: Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ. Caliber:.380 ACP Capacity: 8+1 rounds Action: internal hammer fired, single action Overall Length: 6.7 inches Barrel Length: 3.675 inches Height: 4.98 inches Width: 1.15 inches (1.43 at widest point across the safeties) Weight: 18.5 ounces Sights: white 3-dot sights, rear adjustable for windage
Wife just got a Smith and Wesson 380ez w/o thumb safety in advance of getting her concealed carry permit. Looking for an inside the waistband kydex...S&W Shield 380 EZ - Review. The 380 EZ is a relatively new firearm. It is larger than a lot of recently released .380s and the slide is much easier to manipulate. Kel-Tec released the P3AT in 2003, which created the modern pocket .380 craze.

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The EZ fills it's particular niche so well, perhaps because it was designed exactly for that easy-to-operate-credible-self-defense-pistol role. I also have a S&W 380EZ that is one of the first models and still has a recall out for it because I'm to lazy to send it back. I too looked closely at the PK380 before...
Nov 06, 2018 · Smith & Wesson is offering two versions of the .380 EZ, one with an ambidextrous manual thumb safety and one without. The sample the company sent me has the thumb safety, and it is the same design Smith & Wesson has been putting on its M&P pistols for years and functions like the thumb safety on a 1911. M&P 380 EZ Performance Center (self.SmithAndWesson). submitted 1 day ago by rbrugman.

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Smith & Wesson took the power and features of full-sized M&P pistols and put them into a slim, lightweight pistol the size of your hand. The M&P SHIELD is S&W Performance Center M&P380 Shield EZ .380 ACP Pistol, Gold Barrel - 12719 | Palmetto State Armory
Dec 12, 2019 · The S&W Shield EZ now sports a 9mm style. (Photo: Smith & Wesson) The M&P EZ Shield 9mm version joins the .380 ACP variant, offering an easy to load and easy to rack design. Nov 27, 2020 · the EZ 9mm that we looked at didn't seem much easier to rack than the glock did. + the added recoil of the 9 didn't work out well for her.. The 380 she can load, rack and shoot all by herself, She took the all ladies training course at Elite and enjoyed it.. So yes this gun in 380 does fill a certain niche..

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Aug 29, 2019 · Smith & Wesson’s M&P380 Shield EZ is a soft-shooting, easy racking pistol that now is available with an integral green laser. The Shield EZ is a hammer-fired .380 Auto, and the fact that it’s hammer-fired and not striker-fired is a contributing factor to how easy the slide is to operate—because in a hammer-fired designed the recoil spring ...
S&W M&P380 Shield EZ Hybrid Holster | Forever Warranty | Handcrafted by Americans | Corrosion Resistant Hardware | Conceal Easily with a Tucked in Shirt | Adjustable Shell Retention | Ability to Fine-tune Holster Ride Height.Fits Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 and M&P 380 Pistols *** A 20% restocking fee will be applied on returned Extended Magazine Releases that have been installed. Non-installed parts will receive a full refund (minus shipping).

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Nov 23, 2020 · I have two S&W M&P Shield EZ in 9MM for sale. Both include the manual thumb safety. These have been to the range once, probably no more than three or four mags through each and are “like new”. They come with the box and everything as it came from the factory. New purchase comes with two mags...
Smith & Wesson issues advisory on M&P 380 Shield EZ models with manual thumb safeties: Just listed as an advisory, but if my safety engages on its own after firing one round; I would consider it a safety risk. Built for personal protection and every-day carry, the M&P380 Shield EZ is chambered in 380 Auto and is designed to be easy to use, featuring an easy-to-rack slide , easy-to-load magazine, and easy-to-clean design.

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Apr 25, 2018 · Smith & Wesson has launched a “consumer advisory” notice for owners of the M&P 380 Shield EZ Manual Thumb Safety pistol, a common concealed-carry sidearm. “It seems the function of the M&P 380 Shield EZ Manual Thumb Safety pistol can be influenced by the type and quality of ammunition used with the pistol,” said Todd Woodard, Editor of ...
S&W M&P Shield EZ .380 Gun Review Right-Handed. Read more. 16 May Walther Semi-Automatic Reviews. Gun Reviews By Women – Walther CCP M2 – Zoe. July 24, 2020; Jan 17, 2018 · Review of the Bodyguard 380 Bodyguard 380 Review. Bodyguard 380 By Mark “Six” James. Recently, I received an email from an individual seeking advice on purchasing a Bodyguard 380 pistol for his wife’s personal protection use. He knew nothing about firearms but wanted something that would be easy-to-carry, and slim enough to slip into her ...

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Through the marvels of modern manufacturing techniques, the Performance Center took the M&P .380 Shield EZ 2.0 (with ported barrel) and added some refinements to spruce up this perfect packin’ pistol by offering three different versions of it.
Nov 11, 2020 · administrator November 11, 2020 New Smith & Wesson, SHIELD EZ M2.0, Semi-automatic Pistol, Internal Hammer Fired, Compact, . 380 ACP, 3.7″ Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Finish, 3-Dot Sights, Grip/Thumb Safety, 8 Rounds, 2 Magazines, Crimson Trace Green Laser Sight: Sold 2020-11-12T20:15:34-05:00 Sold Firearms

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Believing that the S&W .40 was going to become more popular than the 9mm, the 9000 was first chambered for the .40. Beretta followed-up and introduced the 9mm version in 2003. Although the 9000S series didn't reach the popularity that Beretta had hoped for, it does have a good following.
Built for personal protection and every-day carry, the M&P380 Shield EZ is chambered in 380 Auto and is designed to be easy to use, featuring an easy-to-rack slide , easy-to-load magazine, and easy-to-clean design.